Flash LTR-24102B to LTR-24103S?

Is it possible to Flash LTR-24102B to LTR-24103S? or edit the firmware somehow to at least get 12x CD-RW burning speed?
What the hell do I need the LTR-24102B if can’ t flash it?
That sucks sooooooo much!!!

I think it’s impossible!

LTR-24103S to LTR-32123S (I did it :D)

LTR-24102B = No overclocking!!!

Chipset is not designed for higher speeds…

in fact…

You can flash a 24102b to 24103s. There’s no damage done to your hardware. I tried it two times but I dont know which effect it should have.

for further details mail me.


So you can flash the 24103S-512kb firmware into the 24102B-256kb flash rom!? What a crap!
The 24102B is not overclockable - it´s as simple as that.

I don’t know how. I bought a 24102B and now it appears as a 24103S on BIOS Monitor as well as on SiSoft and Dr. Hardware

So those are the details?

Hardware details given by software:

LTR-24103s 24xCdR, 10xCdRW.

Then several numbers without explanation but there’s nothing said of the ROM size. Do you think I should try to flash on 32123s?

It’s still doing the same write speeds, but it sounds odd…
What a useless upgrade :slight_smile:
Flashing to a 32123S WILL fail, try if you want too.

Ok. Thank you all.

I wanna try to find out which one I’ve got. May be I can open the Case. Next weekend I’ll have sometime.

I’ll you all. Thx

I meant: I’ll post it.

sorry. I’ve just been occupied with chatting.