Flash HP dvd940i with Liteon firmware

Hi, I did some searching on these forums, and I found the Liteon equivelant for my drive, LH-18A1H. I downloaded the custom firmware from the forums, the flash utility for lite-on drives, and I made a backup of the EEPROM. I’m trying to flash the drive with the custom firmware, but the flash utility says it doesnt see any Lite-on drives, and wont let me flash. How can I flash this drive from HP to Lite-on?

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Concerning information crossflashing your HP dvd940i to Lite-On LH-18A1H suggest reviewing the below CDFreaks Forum posting and note the comments in posting #12 and #13 and also postings #51 and #53 ->



Yeah, thats the flash program and directions I tried to use in those post, but the program doesnt recognise my drive as a Lite-On. Reading the thread you pointed me to, I thought maybe it was a LG instead, but on the label of the drive it says LIT-SH-16A7(B), and according to the physical description, it is a Lite-On. So I just need to figure out how to get the flash program to see my HP as a Lite-On.

I feel so retarded now, I just tried redownloading the program to make sure I had the right flash program, and thats when I noticed that I downloaded it and XFlash for some reason, and it was XFlash that I was trying to use, and it wasnt recognising the drive. I trying the correct program now and it seems to be working so far. I’ll be back with the results.

Ok, everything seems to work fine now, the drive is no longer given me issues burning. Glad you guys are here.

i flashed my hp 940i to an LH-18A1H…and it worked beautifully…then i used the lite on eeprom utility, under the crossflash tab, to flash my drive to a LH-20A1H…been burning superb ever since!

If it’s a SATA drive, as the LIT-SH-16A7H(B) label makes it appear, then I wouldn’t flash it with LH-18A1H/20A1H firmware. :disagree:

No, its a IDE drive. I’ve had one good burn so far, so I think it has solved my problems.

Okay, that sounds good. I got a bit confused as I’ve only seen the SH-16A7 as a SATA drive until now. Apparently there’s OEM PATA versions around as well.