Flash HP DVD740i/b to DVD840i/b

This is my first post and I hope it is a good one for you! I have lurked at this site for a long time, and I have found the site very useful. Hopefully this discovery I have made will be of use to others!

I have figured out how to crossflash an HP DVD740 so that it becomes a DVD840. They are identical hardware-wise…the only thing holding the 740 back is its firmware! If you go to the HP website you can search to find the firmware for the 840 drives. When you try to upgrade the 740 to the 840 you will get a message that the drive model is not correct. It will not let you upgrade.

Here is the fun part. We all know that the HP drives are actually 4166B’s. Search the web to find the firmware upgrade for the GSA-4166B. In the RAR folder will be a firmware flashing utility. This is the part you need. Now go back to HP and download the firmware for the DVD840. Save it to your hard drive and right click the file. Unzip it with WinRAR. Go to the folder you unzipped to and find the .bin file.

Run the firmware flashing utility from the 4166B download and use the .bin file that was created when you unzipped the HP file that you downloaded. It will flash your DVD740 making it the DVD840. This works on both the internal and external versions of the HP drives! Just be sure to download the correct file from HP (internal or external).

Thanks for your tip. I just picked up the 740e on the very cheap to try it out, and took it a step further by downloading LG’s ver. 1.0 f/w software. Unlike their later updates, the early flash loader doesn’t check the HP for compatibility – it allows you to choose the bin file in the folder you want. This makes easier than ever to crossflash the 740 to an 840 then an LG GSA-4166B (using the latest f/w, 1.02). That’s the route I took, though I’m guessing you could skip the second step and go [B]directly[/B] to a 4166B using LG’s original loader and latest f/w bin.

Works like a charm! So far, I successfully burned a few DVD-RAMs, two music CDs and backed up a DVD+R DL with bitsetting (something the 740/840 doesn’t recognize). Beautiful… :clap:

BTW, here’s where I found all 3 4166 firmware versions: http://italianjob.ifrance.com/

Does the LG updater support flashing external drives? Or did you pull the 740e out of its case and mount it in your PC for flashing? I have a chance to pick up a 740e fairly cheaply, but since I have a laptop I won’t be able to flash it if it requires an EIDE connection.

Does anybody know if the 740 firmware has been crippled with LightScribe 1.2 support disabled? HP talks about 1.2 for the 840, but not the 740.


740 does not support LS, from what i have read here.
Please check the LG subforum.

I went to the http://italianjob.ifrance.com/ and downloaded the oldest file. I have the HP DVD 740i with the HJ24 firmware installed. I extracted the .bin file from the 840i .exe file, and installed it using the FWLoader from LG…worked great, just doing a restart right now…

What prompted me to even try something this extreme is my brand new HP DVD 740i quit reading DVD’s…especially ones I just burnt using it!?

nope, didn’t fix my problem, still won’t read my previously burnt DVD+r’s

however, I was having this similar problem with my LG CDR burner, that’s why I went and purchased this HP DVD burner…wonder if it’s my gay motherboard? intel d915glvg

It all depends on the media quality. Even if you could burn a dvd media successfully, it can have lots of errors or even went unreadable…

Argh! Okay, so the HP DVD740b is very media sensitive? I have an HP DVD740b, haven’t tried to upgrade it to anything. I enjoy the light scribe capability. So recently I’ve found that some dvd’s I’ve burned start behaving badly about 20 minutes into them (say if I dupe a movie I’ve bought). They start being very stick and skip, stick and skip. The origninal dvd appears to be fine visually and plays fine. Now, media wise: my first disks were HP. Then my second purchase of the disks were Philips. I have switched to Verbatim for Dual Layer +R stuff.

So, this skipping problem. Is it more likely to be the burner and I should just go buy me a plextor or is it a media thing and I’m shooting myself in the foot when buying dvd media without realizing it? It does make some very nice dvd’s and then it goes on a toot and makes crap, but not you’ll notice until you are twenty minutes into it. <sigh>

Athlon 64X2 3800
Azus Tec A8N-E
WinXP Pro
1 gig Ram
HP DVD740b
Plex PX-W1210A CD-R
1 SATA 40 gig drive
2 EIDE 30 gig drives

Secondary problem is that anything I try to play on this system, whether from hard drive or dvd/cd drives runs and stops … not the stick and skip problem experienced when using a DVD in a standard DVD player for my TV. It’s like it is caching and then running out of packets when I try and play anything … DVD files, Windows Media files, MPEGs, anything video oriented.


HP media is CMC. Although CMC media can be good, not all burners will like it.
Philips media can be Philips, CMC, TDK, or MCC. This is a mixed bag.
Have you tried scanning those discs in another drive or doing a Transfer Rate Test with Nero CD-DVD Speed?
Also, did you install the burner on another system?


I just flashed my HP 840i To LG GSA-4166B using this method and I have a dead drive!

Tried flashing back to 840i, still no luck. The device manager will recognize it flashed either way, but the door will not open. If I open it manually and put in a DVD, I get no response, and when I boot up my computer, it goes to blank screen for over a minute, before my desktop shows up.


Got it figured out. My drive is a LG GSA-H20L.

Got it going, and now it sets booktype to DVD-ROM. :bow:

So you flashed your H20L to a 4166, it was seen in device manager as 4166, but the tray did not work ?
You flashed back to a H20L firmware and it is alive as H20L again ?
Did you use HBFlasher for flashing ?

Yes, to a 4166B.

it was seen in device manager as 4166, but the tray did not work?

Yes, it was recognized as a 4166B in device manager. Tray would not open, it would not read discs, and computer would take about an extra 2 minutes to boot-up.

You flashed back to a H20L firmware and it is alive as H20L again ?

Yes, it was a HP840i, ( 840x in device manager), it now has the H20L firmware, and works well.

Did you use HBFlasher for flashing ?

Yes, used the HBloader.

To clear things up for the HP-840i drives - it seems they come in 3 flavors. 840b, 840x and 840d. I have read about the 840b and 840x - I own the 840d (as seen in the device manager).

840b = LG GSA-4166B
840x = LG GSA-H20L
840d = Lite-On SHM-165H6S (I have successfully flashed mine - haven’t tried burning yet though)

I know this info is elsewhere, but not all in one spot (that I have found).


How did you flash your 840d with the Lite-On firmware? I’m still getting a “mismatched” drive error.

Thanks for any help…

Of course you cannot crossflash with offical flashers.
You may check out the codeguys firmware site.

Just to update everyone on my progress, I did an RTV with the last drive (that was flashed to 840 from 740)…return to vendor…they replaced it with another drive…the new one just cratered today :frowning:
The new one had a factory FF24 Firmware which I upgraded to HJ24…this did not make a difference in the cds/dvds that it read or did not read. HP has decided to RMA (return to manufacturer authorization?) this drive and replace it with a new one…with all this hassle, I really just want my money back so that I can buy a cadillac (for those of you who don’t know…Plextor…at this time a PX-760A).

Anyways, doing the RMA tomorrow, maybe they’ll send me a cheque…will hold my fingers crossed, and pray to the manufacturers warranty gods.

Will keep you all posted on my progress.

I have a HP DVD 840x which has been somewhat non-responding when a CD placed in it.

I just flashed it to a H20 and lo and behold this damn thing works.

Here’s the files I used.




Find these 3 files load into a directory and run HBloader.

Your done.

That has nothing to do with the firmware but some crapped drivers on your system.

What drivers are you referring to ? I have a HP DVD840x and it will not recognize any blank media. I even acquired [B]HP[/B] DVD+R DL media and it wont even recognize it. So, if there is/are specific drivers that is preventing it from detecting blank media please list the drivers to check out.