Flash Failure When Updating Firmware On My Lg Gce 8525b

Lg Gce-8525b Flash Failure!!=dead Cd

I expect FLASH FAILURE WHEN UPDATING FIRMWARE ON MY LG GCE 8525B.My computer became totally frozen and not responding.I reboot the pc and my cd becam absolutely dead.
My PC can’t start if the cd is connected to IDE.
Please help me with advice how to resurrect my CD .
What program to use.From where to get binaries to flash, because
original firmware program is just an exe file …
something like HLDS Data storage and file name is
If somebody experienced sucha a problem
please please

You mean your drive seems to have died during the firmware “flash” process, not the CD disc.

If you cannot even boot your PC with the LG drive attached, why not contact your local LG service center? They will replace it with either rebadged or new drive if your drive is within the warranty expiration date.