Flash Failed, Phillips Driver doesnt work

Hello to all,
I am facing a problem which is really getting annoying now. i updated my dvd drive through dell driver update and installed the recommended
Phillips DVD8801 HH 16x DVD+/-RW
it flashed my bios to update my dvd rom, how ever when windows restarted it took a long time during system restart n then came up with the following error:

Device 2 not found: Parallel ATA, PATA-0 (PRI-IDE Master)

Now my dvd rom doesn work AT ALL. it doesn’t open the tray it doesn’t read, even da green led is always off as if no power goes through it.
im clueless of what to do, any sort of help would be appreciated.

my system spec are:
Intel Pentium 4
cpu 3.20 ghz
ram 1022mb
operating system: windows vista 32 bit
Dell Dimension 5100,

ps. if it really helps i think my dvd rom used to be Phillips DVD8701 before i flashed it, and i was also wondering if system restore could undo the flash… Thanks all

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To ensure what drive modell it really is you’ll have to check drives label.

Did you flash in windows or by help of a dos floppy?

BTW, I once flashed a DW1640 with DW1655 firmware and have yet to find means to make that drive working again… :wink:

im pretty sure that I flashed through windows.
i used da program Win DWFlash v1.03 and i used AD21.cvt to flash it…
at the moment daa startup is really taking a long time and same error appears, ive checked device manager but the drive isnt there either…

Any ideas ???

I think your DVD drive is kaput!

I also have a Dell PC with the same model DVD drive. I also did the same thing you did and the BIOS flash failed.

Because when you flash a BIOS you are making changes to the chipset of the hardware concerned, you cannot undo these changes.

If a BIOS flash fails and the device cannot then be found by Windows, you may as well throw it in the bin.

As I write this, my Phillips DVD8881 is sitting on my desk taunting me!

Anyways, I went to the local computer shop today and bought another one (Samsung) for only $35AUD ($28USD) that is faster than the Phillips.

Live and learn…never accept ANY firmware upgrade from Dell…go to the maufacturer’s website instead.

The DVD8701 and the DVD8801 are completely different drives! You have somehow flashed the drive with the wrong firmware, and now you’ve destroyed it! How could this have happened?! Shouldn’t the firmware have done a check or something to make sure you had the correct drive installed?!