Flash Error - Freezes in DOS!

I have attempted two separate commands in DOS after booting from disk:

nec2x00a -sec -mas -out BACKUP.BIN

nec2x00a -sec -mas -flash 107v2b5d.bin

My result? A flashing curser (which gives the impression that it’s doing something when really my PC is frozen). I know it’s at least attempting to do something with the nec2x00a.exe file, or it would read [Bad command or file name], some error such as that. I will now produce a line of people to hail whomever gives me the winning information!

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Thanks guys!

You’re 100% sure that the drive is connected as Secondary Master?

Tested it with IDEDIAG, came back as SECONDARY MASTER. Any other combination results in Bad command or file name so I’m almost positive that’s correct.

A bad command or file name error should not be caused by specifying the incorrect IDE location. Does the backup command work at least?

Your completely correct. In fact I lied, I just tried the command with the wrong IDE location and got the same result as the correct IDE location. I also tried typing just [nec2x00a] alone, and again got the same result (flashing cursor).

No. In fact, I was afraid to try the actual flash command after the backup failed. At this point I realize it wouldn’t matter because my DOS won’t read the nec2x00a file correctly…

Which brings me to my next subject: DOS. I decided to read the information given by the Bootdisk in DOS and found this:

NTFS File System Driver for DOS/Windows v3.02 (read only).

Now I’m back to thinking I need to somehow make a FAT32 partition, which I know nothing of. :Z :a :Z :a :Z :a :Z :a :Z :a :Z :a :Z :a That pack of pukey devils should portray how I feel about firmware at the moment.

Do you not have a floppy drive? If you do, then just put the flash program onto an empty disk and put that disk in the drive once you’re in DOS. You might not be able to fit both the firmware backup and the upgrade firmware file on one floppy disk.

Making a FAT partition is easy with Partition Magic or similar software.

Alright, I’m really confused.
I do not have a floppy drive. I’ve read that a floppy drive is NOT necessary, that it is necessary, that it helps, and you seem to be advising me to use one. I don’t understand one bit what making a FAT32 partition on my hard drive will do for the flashing, do to my computer after the flashing, or even how to do so.

If you think it’s plausable to explain and walk me through this proccess, I would really appreciate it. Otherwise I will probably just settle for buying some DVD-R’s (I want the firmware for the bitsetting)

I [acquired] Partition Magic if that helps.