Flash Drive Write Protected

I just went to use a flash disk and was notified it is write protected. Using Win.10 Any
Solutions? T.I.A

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Generally you get that message when there are no write cycles left on the NAND.
You can check, but you need to be careful when doing the following procedure. If you get it wrong you could erase an HDD rather than the USB Flash drive.

Before you begin. Backup any data on the flash drive.

Right click on the Win10 Start menu, then select computer management.
from the window that opens. Select Disk Management.
You should now see a list of all the drives connected to the PC.
Find the USB flash drive. On the left note down the drive number of the flash drive.
Example: Disk 4

Assuming 4 was the drive number, you now do the following taking great care you have it correct.
Open a command prompt with administrator privileges.
In the command terminal type the following assuming that your flash drive is Disk 4.

Now type the following where the number is the correct number of your USB flash drive (assuming once again that it is 4).

it should tell you that disk 4 is selected.
If its correct type the following

Give it a while. If this fails then your flash drive needs replacing.
if it says it successful, then don’t remove the flash drive, leave it plugged in for at least 10 minutes.
After that, remove the flash drive then plug it back in.
Open Disk Management again. If it worked then you should be prompted to init, partition, and format the drive, or format it.


If I had to guess I would suspect that the flash drive had the read only property selected. Right click the drive and select properties uncheck the read property.