Flash Drive 128mb with password protection? possible?


I just bought a PNY 128mb flash drive from best buy, I know that some of the flash drives are password protected so the data will be safe :clap: . I was wondering who i can do the password protection for my 128mb flash drive. Thank you for tanking time to solve my problem :iagree: .

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google and ye shall find

Why not use one of them biometrics usb flash drives. No need for a password, just your thumbprint.

truecrypt have much better encryption algorithms than cryptainer le and its also free
http://www.truecrypt.org , but bestcrypt/drivercrypt is much better than both of the free ones it have a more secure hashing sha256 ,sha1 and ripemd have been cracked long time ago

I have tried all of the 2 programs but it doesnt meet my aspectation.

Those drives are too expensive.

What I want is a program that can protect my flash drive, like when I click on the icon exmp L: drive it askes me for a password inorder to be opened. like one of those password protected win or rar files. it dont need any programs inorder for the pass to pop up like bestcrypt.

Thankz for the help

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Umm… you want it to have a password no matter what computer it’s on? Good luck if you want it to be really secure.


Do u happen to know any software that can do this :bigsmile: .

Does any one know how to put a password on a folder :confused: . When ever you open it it askes you for the password like the one with winrar and zip :iagree: . You can also access the info in the folder on any computer if u have the password :wink: .

See, that’s what we’re telling you - you NEED some kind of software installed on the host PC in order to be able to do this, or else it has to be a function of the drive. Even if it’s a function of the drive, that’s going to put some serious constraints on which PC’s it can be used on.

I know what u are talking about but i am not talking about the drive now. I am talking about the zip and rar passworded files. For example acdzip.