Flash DH-20A4P for Lightscribe?

Hi all, following the instructions and tips from this forum I successfully flashed my LH-20A1H to a DH-20A4P (stock firmware 9P54); the burn quality has gotten consistently better, so many thank yous to the people who made this possible.

But my question regards lightscribe; I was wondering if there is any way of crossflashing the 20A4P to a model/firmware that supports it? Will I gain/lose anything else by doing so (assuming it is even possible)?

Thanks for any advice!

a real 20A1P can’t do lightscribe, simply because the special lightscribe hardware is missing.
but you can flash your 20A1H->20A1P back to a 20A1H to get lightscribe.

Get the firmware for a 20A4H and flash the 20A1H.

Just wondering then if the 20A4P and 20A4H are the same except for lightscribe functionality on the H model?

they’re the same. the 20A4H just has additional lightscribe hardware.