Flash CSOP led fix on LiteON 1653SX (external)


can i flash external LiteOn 1653 (called 1653SX) with CSOP led fix?

Must i connect the drive to IDE Port for flashing?

I hope my english is good enough but is not my first language.

Thanks Piet

thanks for helping! what a nice forum.

Your english is perfect :). Yes you can flash it with CS0P led fix and no you don’t have to connect it to an IDE port. Just flash it in the external enclosure using USB or Firewire. Also try the Sony BYX4 firmware, which is newer than CS0P and is the preferred firmware for my 1653S. There is a LiteOn ID and led fix version of this firmware on our site as well :slight_smile:


Edit: Sorry BYX4 isn’t newer than CS0P. Must be time for bed :wink:

I have the 1213 external flashed to 1653 byx4 works great. Just flash normally.