Flash based iPod may be in the works for 2005

I just posted the article Flash based iPod may be in the works for 2005.

According to Apple Insider, we may just see a flash based iPod by February of next year. Featuring a similar interface as their hard drive based cousins, the new member of the iPod…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9439-Flash-based-iPod-may-be-in-the-works-for-2005.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9439-Flash-based-iPod-may-be-in-the-works-for-2005.html)

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the use of a flash based player would only be for its small form factor. If it still uses a click wheel to navigate, you won’t get it that small. Also, the click wheel was invented to sort through thousands of songs. Not hundreds.

Apple will be realesing a new iPod with a flash drive not for MP3 playback, but for photos from your digital camera. Of course if you have MP3s on the flash drive, it will play them, but that’s not the intention. I highly doubt Apple will soil the iPod’s good name (old battery issues aside) and release an iPod that lacks music storage (1gig is tiny). Chances are they’ll give it a new name like the iPhotoPod and not market it as a MP3 player, but more like a portable photo viewer than can play MP3s too.
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