Flash ANY 163 DVD drive with GH5S

For all 163 drives which are being refused by the latest official Jlms(Liteon) firmware.
They include rebadged and OEM drives (i.e. Dell, Fujitsu, 4Kus, Sony and many others).
Also all original (old) Liteon with GVxx firmware.
I just posted a fixed version of GH5S: GH5S_all.
It’s fixed by an unpublished special version of FlashFix (thanks Dale!)
It means that the actual firmware has not been touched, only the drive/version preflash checkup is bypassed.


  • This will “agree” to flash ANY ATAPI drive you have connected.
  • Make sure the drive you flash is really a 163 DVD
  • Be very careful to select the correct drive from the drop-down menu
  • Trying to flash a wrong drive might damage it.

Get it at my 163 PAGE

Why shouldn’t you use Mtkwinflash and binary firmware instead? No reason :wink:
Now you have another option.