Flash an NEC ND-1300A with TDK 440N Firmware?

I understand both of these drives are ND-1300A. From what I’ve read, NEC may or may not end up releasing a new firmware for the OEM drive (which I own, of course :frowning: ) I’ve had various problems with the drive since getting it, including:

[li]only recognized as PIO Mode 2 by BIOS (I understand it’s a PIO Mode 4 drive http://www.nec.co.uk/ND-1300A.pdf)
[/li][li]Unable to write to DVD+RW media (TDK brand)
[/li][li]Can write to but unable to erase from and then write again to DVD-RW media (Memorex)
Otherwise, it’s a great drive. I’ve burned over a dozen DVD+R discs at 4x perfectly. I’ve tried the +RW and -RW media in Roxio 5, Nero and DVD Decrypter with no luck.

So back to the question… has anyone sucessfully updated an ND-1300A with the TDK 1.06 firmware (or any other firmware, for that matter)? I’m mainly looking for better media compatibility because other than that, it seems to be a great drive.

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Ok, I’ll reply to myself because this is incredible. Taking somebody’s advice (possibly from this forum, maybe another), I switched my 1300A from my Promise controller to my motherboard controller and it instantly started recognizing my TDK +RW media. Read, write, erase… the works.

On my -RW media before, I was positive it was ruined because after writing to it and formatting it, I was told there was 0 MB total space and 0 MB free space. I was able to “erase” the disc with Nero and get 4488 MB total and 4488 MB free.

My motherboard still recognizes it as a Mode 2 drive, but at this stage, I’ll take it. :stuck_out_tongue:

What a huge difference the controller makes. In this case, the “faster” (and newer) controller is not better. Another minor complaint, a slight jerky-ness while watching DVDs, has also all but disappeared.


Putting optical drives on controller cards have never been a good solution. Often, they simply do not work properly.

So you see, flashing firmware is not always the answer :slight_smile:

I’m having troubles with my nec nd-1300a too. My nec is master and plextor 40/12/40 is slave. They are on same ide. I’m trying to backup XBOX-games but with no luck, everytime xbox says its unknown. And I’m pretty sure that it’s not the way I back them up. It’s something else. If someone could help me, I would be more than pleased!


@topicstarter: most PCI IDE controllers do not support ATAPI devices. Sometimes they work okay, sometimes they work partially, most times they just don’t work

@FinBastard: if you want, you can open your own thread on this subject… just a quick question: is your XBOX chip-modded, so it can read backupped discs?

I’ve hacked the NEC 1.05 f/w in order to make it work with DVD-R’s manufactured by Princo (1-4x). They will burn at 2x now (instead of giving an “Illegal Medium Error”!

Cdmania, is it possible for me to get your hacked firmware? :bow:
I have about sixty 4 speed Princo DVD’s which I currently can’t use. :a

Do you also have a hacked flash-program?


Originally posted by Metallian
[B]Cdmania, is it possible for me to get your hacked firmware? :bow:
I have about sixty 4 speed Princo DVD’s which I currently can’t use. :a

Do you also have a hacked flash-program?

Thnx! [/B]

I believe that he’s talking about this: http://forum.rpc1.org/viewtopic.php?t=14877

Absolutely fabulous! The hacked firmware works! :bigsmile:

Thnx! :bow:

Yes, my xbox is modded, works fine with burned cd-r’s.


from other posts i have read the Xbox cant DVD+r/rw (plus format) its got sumthin to do wi the book type…so try another backup, this time on a minus rw an hopefully it will work :slight_smile:

can anybody please tell me how to tell the difference between the OEM & Retail version of the NEC ND1300…from wot i read im confused as to whether they are to entirely different drives…which will mean any official FW updates for the ND1300 and the retail might not b compatible or vice versa…i find it very unlikely NEC would release two different versions of a drive…cos this would

a)create confusion between possible punters… an definitely affect sales…

b)mean 2 seperate FW/Drivers updates an even more headaches…

c)give other competitors an edge in an already savagely competitive market…:confused: