Flash a third party bios to a compaq mobo

someone please help.
i want to flash a compaq mobo with a third party rom flash but cant seem to find any.
where on cyber earth do i look.

i wouldn’t reccomend doing this, but you could either remove the board and thoroughly search it for indetification marks, look in newgroups to see if anyone has identified a board, try to ask HP what board it is based on (not likely), or search for a board using the same chipset, with the same number of slots and ports and features, and try that BIOS.

If I know Compaq, they use their own boards, designed upon reference boards from Intel or AMD. No way of flashing other software in them.

I know it can be done, as I did this some time ago (I flashed a Packard Bell mobo with Ami bios to a MSI mobo with Award bios… it worked great!).

thanx for the info…