Flash a sony ...U18A to liteon 832s?


to make my sony burner double layer ready I read, this is possible by flashing with the 832s firmware from liteon.

I found an instruction for this:



which LATEST firmware I have to use on page “http://dhc014.rpc1.org/” ?
there are many firmwares called OEM “SOHW-832S” in different sections?
, also in the sony and liteon section. Can I also take the original firmware file from the liteon download page? This I don’t understand!

The rest ist clear, but which firmware file I need to patch. Please tell my also why, I need en explanation.
I have a gear driven drive and at the actual firmware loaded in my drive is the UYS3

Please help.


Welcome to CD Freaks, BX-8017 :smiley:

The firmwares on dhc014’s page aren’t all the latest for the drives. The firmwares on the CodeGuys’ site are the latest (the CodeGuys site is here: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/ ).

For the SOHW-812S/832S drives, most users will use either the stock Sony firmware for the DRU-700A (rebadged 832S), version VY08 or the stock LiteOn SOHW-832S firmware version VS0G . You should only have to run the VY08 firmware through OmniPatcher, as the VS0G firmware has already been prepatched.

You cannot use the firmware found at the LiteOn site, and this is due to a safeguard in the firmware flasher which prevents flashing firmwares to certain drives/the wrong drive. The CodeGuys have patched the firmwares and overcome this limitation, allowing a user to upgrade his/her drive. You can read up on it here.

I hope this helped.

Hi, wallace1024.

Ok, I understand.

What is now the difference between the VY08 and the VS0G firmware? Should this mean that if a patch the vy08 with the omnipatcher I will get VSOG?

Second: In my link above is spoken from "Obtain the latest version of Omnipatcher and the Latest “Recommended Tweaks”

Do I need this recommended Tweaks. What is this. are these the settings for the omnipatcher?

If I use the VS0G firmware, I don’t need these tweaks, all right?


VS0G is a firmware provided by LiteOn, and VY08 is provided by Sony.

Patching the firmware with OmniPatcher will simply allow the firmware to operate on your drive. The drive is part of a generation of LiteOn drives, in this case the 2nd generation 2s series. Usually, only the firmware meant for the drive you have will work; however, with the patch, it will allow the drive to use any firmwares from within the same generation and series. The firmware will otherwise be exactly the same. It will still be VY08 or VS0G, whichever you choose to use.

VY08 will possibly cause the hard drive (IDE) LED to blink/light up at the same time as the light on the drive itself. There is an option in OmniPatcher to disable this feature. VS0G will NOT cause the IDE indicator to light up.

VY08 will also cause the drive LED to blink while burning, whereas VS0G will cause the LED to steadily light red while burning (with periods of orange light when buffer underruns occur, the drive is seeing if it can begin to go faster or if it should stay at the same speed, etc.). There is an option in OmniPatcher to make VY08 light the LED red while burning (as opposed to blinking green), should you want it to do so.

VY08 is slightly older than VS0G, but with only 2 less media codes in it. For most users, this will not be noticeable as long as you use mainstream media. Each firmware has its strong points and weak points. It is up to you to decide which is better for you.

Edit: VY08 is intended for the DRU-710A from Sony, so the drive will be id’d as such. The VS0G firmware was intended for the SOHW-832S by LiteOn, and will be id’d as such. OmniPatcher will allow you to change the names (drive ID strings) in the firmware. There is a list of all known drives within OmniPatcher, and it automatically presents you with names; all you have to do is select a new drive name, save the firmware, and flash it. This procedure also goes for setting any other patches to firmware with OmniPatcher. You may make as many changes to the firmware at once as you like; you do not have to change one aspect, save the firmware, reopen that one, change another aspect, etc. So you may set the drive name at the same time as you apply other patches you wish to use.

Thank you !! Now it’ clear.

Let’s try it…


PS. One more question what for ist the firmware CG5G. Is this better (newer) as the VS0G and can I flash it after the crossflash to VSOG?

Ok, I read the readme-file. I’ts my decision to use ist or not. Hmmm…