Flash a Liteon 1653 back to a Digitalmax



I need to flash my Liteon 1653 back to a Digitalmax so I can return it. Has anyone done this?
Thanks, Budzos


are you talking bout rma ing it?

i am thinking bout doing the same with mine, all u do is go to the digital max website, download there firm and bobs ur uincle hopefully, u do know that digital max is owned by liteon :slight_smile:


Yes I am returning it, I should get a Officemax $100.00 gift card if all goes well. Then I can buy a Liteon 1693 and have cash left for media. I had to run the digitalmax firmware
threw flashfix and UPX exe to allow the firmware to flash the drive back since it was a crossflashed to a Liteon 1653 a while back. I did get the extended warrantee on this drive and since it has been acting kinda strange lately I figure I better dump it before the warrantee runs out. Since I have already figured out how to flash my drive back to a digitalmax you can disreguard my first post.


damnit, the one time i should have goitten the warranty, i might still rma it tho, as its has a 1 year rma warranty


I am hoping that when I get my Officemax gift card that they will still have the Liteon
1693’s for $59.99. I originally took my unit back to the store where I bought it but there warrantees are handled by an outside company. If you try to return your drive to Digitalmax I wish you the best of luck since I here they no longer reply to phone messages or email


wtf, well then i guess its time to go talk to officemax and i am going send a email to liteon too

headache is going to happen soon i am taking it, thank god it was only 39.99 lol


Good luck, let us know what happens.


Is this it?

A 1633S though, or was it on of those to start with ?


It was originally a digitalmax, and that is the firmware from it. First it was crossflashed to a Liteon 1633, then later to a 1653. It gave me a lot of good burns but I believe it has seen better days, It has been showing more pifs than normal so I RMA’d it since I had
purchased the extended warrantee.


yea, thats how mine went

i might just sell it for 20, as it still does work, its just wiggy, i might just have to open it and clean it

what kinda solution do i use to clean the lens with a qtip or something?