Flash 812S To 1653 (or whichever is 4x DL burner)

Is there any method to do this, I know I seem to be asking a lot but can someone kinda give me some links and some basic steps on how to do this? My burner started out a dwu18a and I figured out how to flash that. I remember reading that you can only flash similar family types, so I am assuming here that they are both in the same family? If there is no way then that is cool, just say so. Thx for the help guys!


No. The hardware is quite different (chipset, motor and OPU).

But you can upgrade to the 832S firmware and get +R Dual Layer burning capabilities.

dang…I was afraid fo that. So the 832s is the 2.4x DL burner right?

Yep. :iagree: