Flash 401s

I am having some problems with my 401s liteon it has begun to half-burn dvd’s the problem could rely within the burner, my software or my tactics…

I have the latest firmware for this drive

I use clone dvd and anydvd to back-up my dvd’s

i use different types of media from memorex, phillips, imation, etc

when i read the dvd i write it then instead of writing it over again i just press write again with a new dvd I make about 3 copies of each dvd however i have found that -say- 1 out of the 3 will not play comletely.

i would like a better burner or upgrade mine if at all possible.

or and i using the wrong software to back-up my dvd’s or am i just using it wrong if so is there any software that could burn multiple disks (error free) without re-reading the original…thanks

Can this drive be flashed to write dvd-r/rw diasks also? thanks



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