Flash 4 Help

Hey i need some help. I installed the trail version of Flash 4 a couple months ago. Now that i wanna use it and try to crack it i cant. Every time i try to use a crack or a key gen it dont work. Even when i try unistalling Flash 4 and downloading a new one it can tell i had Flash 4 before in my computer. i tried changing the date and it still didnt work. do i have to delete some of the shit from the registry or something. someone please help. and if im using a bad crack someone give me a good one. ive tried about 5 different ones. thanks.

just get the full thing in the im@gine warez appz section.

ok i got a bit further. i actually got inside the program but when i put the serial# and name in they say its the wrong one. someone give me some help.

are you scared of warez or something??? just download the warez and it will be like you paid 400 bucks for the program!

i did download it from warez. but for some reason it was workin or i was doing something wrong. but i got it to work, so thanks anyway.

no problem