Flash 3500 to mad dog 2.FA firmware question

I recently flashed my NEC 3500 with the Mad Dog 2.FA firmware because I want the ability to change book type. I used the Dangerous Brothers windows flasher which includes riplock removal, region code elimination, and bitsetting. I am not real sure how to tell if the riplock thing took. I just ripped a movie I purchased using DVDdecrypter and it took 14min36secs. The movie is 3000 Miles To Graceland and is DVD-Video format. I noticed that the read rate started at 4.1x and peaked at 6.7x. It finished at 3.3x.

Also, could I flash back to NEC firmware 2.18 if I wanted.

I thought LD V2 Beta 3 did all three:

  1. Riplock removed
  2. Region free
  3. Bitsetting

Maybe I’m confused.