Flash 32125W to 48125W?

I’ve got a 32125W that I would like to flash to a 48125W, but I can’t find a download for the firmware or know which is the best version eg, VS01, VS02, VS04, VS06 etc to use. Also is mktflash the easiest, best or only way to do this (a windows version maybe ?!).
If someone could please help me out here with a palce to download the firmware, best one to use and method, i’d appreciate it a lot !!!


Take VS02 or VS06.

Flashed to Vs06 with mtkflash as per instructions from this forum with no problems. However when I ran Nero Infotool the drive showed up as 48125W but it detected maximum write speed still at 32X. So I then flashed with the lite-on R48VS06 from the lite-on website which then fixed so Nero Infotool detected as maximum write 48X. Then ran Nero cdspeed which came up very well (slightly better on all) compared to another 32125W–>48125W results I saw someone post here somewhere. Now all I need to do is test the writing !.
So thanks, you gotta love this stuff !