Flash 32123S with 32123W firmware?

Is there a possibility that I can flash my 32123S with the 32123W or 32125W firmware??
(dont know the exact model number of this new drive)

What do I have to do?

Anybody did this yet, or is it impossible??

I don’t think there is a LTR-32123W model. And flashing to LTR-32125W will cause your drive to die. Personally tested.

Actually I got it working agan with mtkflash 1.48, phew.

i bet you shitted your pants…lol


pse help me!, i’ve did what u did :frowning: and indeed ended up with a dead drive with the led constantly on and no drive detected in bios. can u pse tell me how to revive it. thanks a million!

damn it

Isn’t there any other way to provide my 32123S with P-CAV support???

I do not think so, I guess the chipset used in the writer do not support it.