Flash 2100a -> 2510a



I know this is kind of old but I’ve read all the posts referring to this but some of them are really old and i want to make sure before flashing my friend’s nec 2100a. I’ve been to the dangerous brothers site but i have no idea which file to download or how to install the firmware. Pls help. Thanks.



NEC ND-2510A
Currently supplied as binaries suitable for flashing in DOS. The package includes original stock firmware, RPC1 with Rip Lock, and Rip Lock only. The patched firmware also include the 2100@2500 patch so could be used on an 2100A or 2500A drive.
K0P2 Binaries and DOS Flasher - VERY OLD AND BUGGY, 2.04 Binaries and DOS Flasher,
2.05 Binaries and DOS Flasher, 2.15 Binaries and DOS Flasher,
2.06 Binaries and DOS Flasher, 2.16 Binaries and DOS Flasher, and
2.17 Binaries and DOS Flasher.


Ok, I’ve dl’ed 2.17 Binaries and DOS Flasher. For installing, can I just run the ‘nec 2x00a.exe’ file in normal windows or do i have to run it in dos??? And whats the difference with ‘2.17 TDB Windows Flasher’??

thanks chef.


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I too am new at this and think I would like to upflash my nd2100AD. Will TBD binaries and dos flasher work on OEM drives that were shipped by Dell? If I have problems with the upflash will I be able to flash back to the version of frimware I have now (I have the firmware downloaded from the Dell site in an executable file form).

Thanks for the help and advice!