Flash 1653S to Sony DRU-710A better writing?

Is it possible to flash a 1653S to Sony DRU-710A, and if so does this give better writing quality especially on DVD-R?

I see there is a BYX2 flash on the codeguys website is this suitable?

Thanks for any help/suggestions. :slight_smile:

It might do. Results seem to vary from drive to drive. Also don’t overlook BS41; but you’ll need to use the crossflash version of this firmware, because it’s for 1633S.

I had a 1653S … which i flashed to DRU-710A … I got good results … :slight_smile:

Will this give me the lower burn speeds of the 1633S? (The specs of my 1653S will be lowered to the 1633S eg. 2.4x DL)

Which firmware version did you use? Do you have any KProbe scans? I’d love to see some before and after scans :smiley:

both BS41 and BYX2 have the same specs as 1653s firmwares. but they officially are only for 1633s.

I used the BYX2 Firmware … the scans were pretty good … :slight_smile: