Flash 1640 to 1620

My DW1620 just stopped working one day so I bought a DW1640 and 100 CMC MAG AE1 8x -R.

My 1620 loved the CMC discs and could burn them at 12x however, my 1640 hates them and only burns them at 4x max.

Is it possible to flash my 1640(BSOB) to a 1620 (B7P9).

I know CMCs are not the best media but I find that they work in all my DVD players including my old PS2.

I wish my 1620 still worked :confused:

I am using the same disks in my 1640. The only difference is I am using the BMSB firmware. The disks burn fine @ 8x with good results for that media code

I don’t want to crossflash to BMSB because it will invalidate my warrantee. Is there an equivalent BSxx firmware that I can use?

Hi :slight_smile:
I think you’ll find that adict2jane has their letters in the wrong order & meant BSMB, not BMSB. I suggest you try either BSLB or BSMB f/w.

Also try using Solidburn for known media. Some of my CMC +R discs come out very well after SB has had its way with them, it did take one burn though to get it right, you never know you may even be able to overspeed them to 12x which the BenQ drives seem to love.

I think they wanted to say BSMB. Dont know of a BMSB. To get back to the question
at hand: No. You cannot flash a 1640 with 1620 firmware!

So did you think crossflashing your 1640 to a 1620 (B7P9) wouldn’t invalidate your warranty? Interesting logic.

I too like that logic. Just flash (with 1640 firmware) the drive. It won’t invalidate the warranty.

Ok my logic was not clear. If I could have flashed my 1640 to 1620 (B7P9) then I would not care about the warranty. Because I can’t do this then I can just try a few firmwares and if they don’t work then RMA it and get a 1620.

I tried BSMB and it still burns at 4x, dropping to 2.8 at times. Before I flashed to BSMB I tried with the solid burn on (BSOB) and there was no change even after 4 burns.

Guess I should have just ordered another DW1620 in the first place.

Activate OverSpeed Burn in QSuite. I can burn any media @ 16X with this method. Not that I wish to. 8X, sometimes 12X on TYG02 is fast enough for moi!

“ANY MEDIA”? But doesn’t your BenQ often decide that many discs aren’t “worthy” of 16x and slows down even though it tells you it will try 16x? (ie WOPC)

Frankly, I haven’t tried to overspeed every crap MID but I think it’s worth a try on N64’s CMC MAG AE1. Don’t you?

Yes…here’s some CMC MAG AE1 at 12x for me…

Nice burn @ 12X! Hey N64, if you’re still awake why not try the same on your 1640?

Put overburn on and tried at 16x and 12x. At 16x it would not start to write, at 12x it would spin up to speed then slow down a few times before writing at 4x.

I am now having problems with it recognising the media (which it did when I tried my very first burn with the 1640). I get ‘medium not present’ in dvd decrypter which wont go away until I put a +r in or an original then swap back the -r. I am getting this error with my other 8x -r media although I can burn the other media at 8x (ProdiscF01, FUJIFILM03)

It may be that you have a bad batch of CMC -R’s. I have a very bad batch of CMC E01 +R’s here that dont seem to have a track after about 4GB (TE/FE Qsuite test goes through the roof & then error’s, When burnt CDDVDSpeed reports massive PIE at 4GB and then error’s out). May be worth a quick TE/FE scan of one disc just to check for a bad batch.

If the end of your discs is corrupt then I dont think Soildiburn will work correctly as it tries to burn a small test area just after the leadout zone on the disc. If this area is very poor and not writable then I think this upsets solidburn alot.

It may also be a faulty drive but if all other media is working ok I would have to point my finger at the discs.

I used the same batch of CMC MAG AE1 8x -R (Datawrite Titanium) in my 1620 before it stopped working and they could burn at 12x.

My other media will burn at the correct speed but the 1640 is still wont recognise the media unless I put a +R or an original disc in first.

What do you think you are asking for? Crossflashing, nothing else.

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chef please, N64 is new on forum. No need to hit him that hard.
From what I can see he already knows crossflashing 1640–>1620 is nogo.
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N64, have a look in this thread for ideas what write strategy swaps worked for other members. :wink:
Enabling OverSpeed and SolidBurn (with CD-DVD Speed or QSuite) can also play a part.