Flash 1004 to 1008 English please!

Hello there,
is there any one to help me flash my btc 1004im (4X) to 1008 (8X)? i show the other thread but no sprechen deutsch! is there anyone who could explain it in english please?

Also whats your experience after upgrading the 1004 to 8x? is it any stable? is there anything in particular that i have to pay attention?
thanks in advance!


download mtkflash 1,80

then get the firmware from tdb.rpc1.org

make a bootdisk, copy the bin file from the firmware and the mtkflash program to the disk.

boot the computer with the disk and run the mtkflash program like this.

mtkflash 3 w /b nameofbinfile

the numner 3 meane sekundary master on ide channel
/b means bin file.

make sure you use version 1.80 and not 1.80.1 because the new version dont know the /b command

I hope you can use this, it worked for me.

Just notice that 8x writing will not work good after the upgrade.

I guess there is some calibration data missing / or the laser is to weak.

It writes ok - but the discs is unreadable.


Do you know if the 1004 after flashing is better regarding to different media

I’ve not noticed very much difference (to me it seems like the DRW1004IM supports more of the media I have at certified speed, while the DRW1008IM firmware offers slightly better writing quality) - but to be honest: I do not use the BTC drives much as I have other writers I personally prefer over them.

yea ok, someone like me, who has only one DVD-R, does it worth it to flash 1004 to 1008?

Originally posted by prosciutto
yea ok, someone like me, who has only one DVD-R, does it worth it to flash 1004 to 1008?

It’s useless unless you have any problems with the media you use - at least in my opinion. As 8x speed do not work to my experience anyway.

If you have problems with the media you use there may be a tiny chance for a bit better results with the 1008 firmware - but do not have to high hopes.

i was hoping to get better writing speed but if its the same thing i guess doesnt worth it right?

I flashed mine to the 1008 firmware a couple of months ago because I could not write CMCMAG.AF1 +R reliably with the 1004 fw. Now if I try to burn Ricohjpnr00, they are not readable. It seems that most 2.4X +r media is this way. So the way I see it is just like OC-Freak said, if you are having problems with the media you are using, try teh 1008 fw, it just might work. I have since switch to using a Cyberdrive 082D 8X +r burner that works perfectly and I only use the BTC for reading tough disks(the only thing it is good at).