Flasfix unable to patch newer firmwares?


I just wanted to patch Liteon SHM-165P6S MS0P and Sony DW-G120A MYS6 firmwares using flashfix. It was very surprising to see flashfix complaining. Any ideas?

P.S.: I know codeguys.rpc1.org :slight_smile:

flashfix does not work with the newer drives

:disagree: Sorry to disagree, but there is no problem patching Liteon SHM-165P6S MS0N and Sony DW-G120A MYS4 (or MYR4) firmware. So something has changed in the recent firmwares, that causes FlashFix to fail.


Micheal, sorry I missed this. Yes there was a change to the flasher around that time that would appeared to have upset FlashFix. I’ll contact Mango/digi and see if he’s willing to do an update to FlashFix. :wink:

In the mean time I can provide flashfixed firmwares if anyone needs them.

Is this possible with a Sony DW-G120A? I would appreciate very much the ability to change this to a litey, like an SHW-160P6S… or close.



yes, you can flash Liteon SHM-165P6S firmware on a Sony DW-G120A. Patched firmwares should be available on codeguys.rpc1.org You may need C0deKing’s new flash utility, that can also be obtained there. Or, as mentioned in post #3, get the older firmwares and patch them with flashfix. Then flash official firmware from Liteon to have the latest.


P.S.: There should also be already patched firmwares in the “Announce Firmware” thread.

Hi. Thanks for the info - I didn’t see any older fw or non-stock fw on that site. I did see a few warnings regarding the toasting of one’s drive if you’re not sure, and I am not sure about this. :frowning: Which kind of patched firmwares am I looking for? For the sony or for the litey?

Don’t want to be a bother - I hope someone would be nice enough to give me exact directions on how to do the x-flashing, as the one thing I have gotten out of reading up on this is that the sony version isn’t nearly as good as the liteon…

Please and Thanks. :bow:

Pretty Please? Anyone?

daimyodrum, to convert to a 165P6S use the flash utility here:

and when asked for a file to write select the MS0R firmware you can get from here:

No other changes are required. :wink:

Note: Please make sure your drive is a G120A and not a Q120A.

ooooooh easier than I thought, thanks very much. I’ll check the drive model with both SIW and KProbe, to make sure. The box says it’s a “G” but jik…


Will the utility at http://codeworks.cdfreaks.com/cgmirror/utilities.html in post #9 also work for the reverse, i.e. convert 165P6S to DW-G120A by selecting MYS6 firmware when asked for file to write? I’m curious because not so long ago I did this cross flash using Flashfix and selecting “Ignore error and continue” that’s shown in post #1 here. The process completed, and cross flash was successful. However, I may well have unknowingly risked killing the drive and wouldn’t do it that way again after learning better from reading this thread.

Does anybody know where I might download MSON firmware for LiteOn SHM-165P6S? The link http://codeguys.rpc1.org/lofw/ in the first post at http://club.cdfreaks.com/f44/post-new-firmware-tool-announcements-here-148989/ gives an error message recently, and LiteOn site only has latest MSOR firmware.


only MS0M, MS0P and MS0R available…

I’ve seen other posts that showed MSON that was available from LiteOn site, but I find it no where now. I may just have to settle for the MSOM, especially since I only need it to run FlashFix on for cross flash and then update with newer official firmware.