Flac to mp3 using EAC



I have some FLAC’s on my PC that I would like to convert to mp3. Currently, I use FLAC frontend to convert to .wav, then EAC to convert to mp3. I was wondering if there is a way to go directly from FLAC to mp3 using EAC? Thanks for any suggestions!


EAC can’t do it.

Foobar2000 can. You will need a copy of LAME.exe in Foobar’s folder for it to work.


cool, thanks. It seems when I right click on a file to convert it, it only gives me a .wav option. I have copied lame.exe into the foobar directory. what do i need to do? thanks!


no worries, got it sorted out


you can use dbpoweramp for that. just dowload the flac plug in