FLAC to Ipod

I have FLAC files that i want to play on my Ipod in a lossless format. Any way to do this? Thnx

As far as I know the iPod won’t play FLAC files, and actually you don’t really give us enough information to assess the difference between iPod ‘generation’ models.

Apple have their own lossless format, but perhaps this is only for ripping and storing in iTunes.

I’ll transfer this to the CD Freaks ‘Audio’ forum, where you may get more specialist help…

OK … done.

More info. IPOD 5th gen 30 meg. The FLAC files are mostly meditation cd’s that have complex frequencies recorded which get eliminated when using a lossy compressed file format. So, I want to be able to convert the FLAC files without losing any quality to the Apple lossless format for use on my Ipod. Googled by can’t seem to find a solution. Is this possible? Any ideas would be appreciated. thnx.

Well you could decode the FLAC files to .wav using FLAC frontend:


… then import and encode using Apple lossless into iTunes.

Thnx…IM Works well