Hello, I recently ripped all a discography from my old CDs into FLAC (16 bit / 44 hz), and I wonder how can I put them all together into a DVD audio without loss quality, what software I must use for this and if I can put menus for browse the tracks on my audio DVD. Maybe this was posted many times and there is a guide somewhere…



If you plan to play that DVD into a computer, then you can simply create a data disc burning all FLAC files with no modification.

For what I know, a DVD disc cannot be used to burn music in audio CD format. And if it is possible, no player (except for computer ones) will be able to play that disc.


so I cannot make a DVD audio from mp3, wav, rm and other audio formats then play in my DVD Player, select them or so???


I’m not fully sure, but a standalone should be able to read a data disc with mp3 files, so it’s not necessary to convert mp3 into audio CD format :slight_smile:

Try to do a test with a rewritable media


I outlined this process in another thread. I routinely make DVD-Audio discs for playback in a set-top Universal Disc Player. You can generally fit 4-5 full CDs onto one DVD-A disc without the use of compression. The program to use is called DVDAudiofile. It’s free and it will let you make, from your FLAC files, DVD-A compliant discs. Beware, the DVD-A spec included a proprietary compression called MLP and the encoder is very expensive. If you decide to go this route I can send you an article that I’ve written that outlines the process in addition to explaining how to extract audio soundtracks from concert DVDs. Start here http://club.cdfreaks.com/f57/audio-dvds-programs-make-them-149312/

Hope this helps.