Fixing the MPEG

I have downloaded the one and only version of one live concert with one source. But the problem is that it seems that the header is broken. The video plays just fine, but seeking is disabled and the time isn’t running. I can watch it only from the beginning to the end. I can also pause it, but that’s all I can.

I tried MPEG corrector for header correction but the corrected version is corrupt/unworkable. The properties for the MPEG file show that this file is uncompressed, but I doubt it.

I have the newest XviD installed with AC3. I also tried ffdshow and other video players (PowerDVD, MP, Winamp …). The picture and sound are fine, without any delay.

Any clue?

What format is the source really?

Mpeg1, 2, or 4 and what bitrate, resolution…?

Hmmm … How do I check that?

If its mepog1 or mpeg4, then use VirtualDub/mod/nandub to load, check and save it.

If it’s some kind of mpeg2/DVD source, you would have to use a tool like DVDlab to load and save it.

Use gspot from or both programs will tell you which file you have.