Fixing my portable cd player

Hi, my Sony NF420 is making a lot of racket when reading my cds. How do I make to noise go away? It’s pretty loud and annoying, I can hear it from two feet away.

Someone on the other forums suggested me to get some kind of grease and lubricate the gear a little bit, but I dont feel like ordering from online, paying for shipping, and wait for a couple of days just for some grease.

So anyone know where I can get some of these special grease for my cd player locally in the U.S.?

You don’t need any special grease. Standard lubricant of the kind used for weapons and/or small household appliances will do. Do not use WD40, though; it’s good for unlocking seized mechanisms, but it’s a lousy lubricant. Be careful not to get any lubricant in the lens mechanism. Also, you may want to clean the worm drive before lubricating it, as it may have dust and other crud on it that causes the loud noise.
Would this work?

yes it will, but use it sparingly.

Ok, thanks for you help guys. I will report back once I get it done.

hmm, doesn’t seem to solve the problem… So if it’s not the lack of lub, what could it be?

Worn bearings on the spindle motor or the worm drive motor?
Can’t think of anything else…
Edit: is it noisy all the time, or only when it’s seeking? In the first case, the culprit is the spindle motor bearing, otherwise the worm drive motor.
Run it without the cover and try to understand where the noise is coming from.

Yea, it’s only noisy when it’s seeking. I guess the motor that moves the laser head is very old. No more problem about this though because I just trashed the bastard yesterday when it didn’t power on after I put it back together.
Sigh, $37 gone down the garbage can. I wish I had spent a little more and got a new one instead of that piece of junk. I am never going to buy used stuff online again.

Sometimes buying used can be a great thing. Solid state electronics can be far discounted and in like-new shape. It’s a gamble to buy anything with moving parts though, especially a portable device. Who knows how it was treated. At least the holidays are coming up… you might find an awesome deal in a electronic store circular.


Ok, just got a free replacement from the seller. It looks very new, but it has the same problem as the previous one that I threw away. I wonder if this kind of problem is common with this model.

I attached a sound file, so if you want you can listen to it and maybe give me some ideas about what the real problem could be. This a recording of how it sounds like when I pop in a cd and put the lid down.

Sounds normal. A little noisy, but normal.
It’s probably something common to that model. They must have used a cheap worm drive motor with noisy bearings. Sorry, but I think you’re gonna have to live with it, unless you’re good enough with a soldering iron to be able to replace the motor with one just like it but quieter.

I don’t think it’s normal. I used the recorder on my cheap mp3 player to record the sound, so it sounds not that loud. If you were to stand 2-3 feet away from the actual cd player, you can hear every noise it’s making clearly, even on a noisy bus.

Where can I get a motor?