Fixing my lite-on 1693s

Okay, I’m new to this site as well as posting threads in general so I apologize if I don’t do this correctly the first time. Anyway, here goes:

I’m using dvd shrink to make “backups” of my movies and until recently things were going great. Now, I’ve noticed that the burner occasionally works but for the most part its not. Let me explain, I can go through the motions: 1) put a dvd movie in sony dvd-rom drive, and a single layer blank dvd in 1693s 2)run dvdshrink to make copy. It goes through the motions and everything appears fine and the program tells me things were completed successfully but when I check the copied dvd with the 1693s it says that Ive inserted a blank cd. Then I check it in my sony drive and the movie will play. The dvd doesn’t work in my regular dvd player either.

Does anyone have any good ideas what’s up or where I can go to find info? The newbie forum is over 500 pages long and I don’t have that kind of time.

So it only works in the Sony DVD-ROM?

Have you ejected and re-inserted it to the Lite-On before trying to read it?

Have you checked if others have played recordable media in your standalone at ?

Everything was working fine until just recently. I have tried taking the copied disks out and rebooting and then re-inserting… I’m at a loss. I have a collection of backups that are on the same media that work fine.

Often this (and many other problems) are media related. The thing that that the media companies don’t tell you is that they often don’t make the media and in many cases they buy from several diffrent sources (that includes all the major brands including but not limited to maxell, fuji, memorex, imation, sony, an on and on). You might get two identical packs of media of the same brand with identical packaging, identical looking disks (except for maybe the serial numbers fine printed around the center nub of the disk). I’m not saying this is your problem, but it is defanatlly the first thing to look at.
Use dvd identifier (click the underlined link). use it to identify the media code on the disk (manufacture and media id in this program If I recall right). That tells you exactlly who made the disk (and we know about all the manufactures here on cdfreaks). You can check disk that you have burned already, including failed burns, and you can check blank disks, and it will not alter them in any way (you can check them and then burn them fine, it just reads the manufactures identification information off the disk).

You came to the right place, and welcome. Forget about brands, only media codes matter (and we can help you find good media codes).

On a side note, diffrent drives will have diffrent abilities to read disks, some are very strong readers, some are weaker, and standalone dvd players are the same way. My nec3500 is one of the greatest dvd burners made (burns any media you throw at it well), and as they are not made anymore, I would cry if it ever failed or died, but in all honesty, its not that great of a reader (has problems reading some disks).

Okay, I’ll start with identifying my media and go from there.

I just poped up dvd identifier to check (there are several programs that do this but this one is easy to use).
Select your drive at the top (that contains the disk you want to identify). Click the identify button. The manufacture id and media type id is all we need to know.