Fixing DVD/CD Autorun

I just installed Pinnacle Studio 11 yesterday and realized that autorun no longer works on both of my CD drives. When I insert a cd nothing happens, but I can still browse the disc with explorer, though the drive no longer displays the cd label. I have already tried a couple solutions:

1.Uninstall the device drivers and letting windows reinstall them on next boot (succeded for a while but then Studio must have realized and disabled autorun again)

2.Using TweakUI to enable autoplay on the drives (was already enabled)

3.Trying to enable autoplay through device manager (impossible)

4.Downloading a registry entry to fix the problem (failed)

5.Searching for options in Studio to enable autorun (found none)

I have already searched on the internet all over for help but got nowhere. I am getting frustrated. I cannot play some of my games. If anyone has any input I would greatly appreciate it.

Maybe AutoPlay Repair may help.