Fixing cdrom

anyone know how to fix a cdrom? my pals cdrom is not functioning although it can be detected by the bios and windows. the problem is the tray and the lens does not move. I think its the power that runs motors of the lens and the tray has the problem. cause it will not spin-up and the tray has to be pinned by a clip for it to eject. Please if anyone knows kindly help…

The model of the cdrom is unknown 50X i think its a kind of generic cdrom.

some of them were driven by rubber band. make sure that hasn’t broken. also, if it’s not working and just a generic CD-Rom, take it apart and see if you can figure out what is wrong with it. can’t get much worse off than it is. :slight_smile: as much as you would think that they would be, they aren’t all that complicated inside. open it up and play around with it. see if you can find anything that the trey is getting caught on. it might be something very simple. just take note of what went where as you remove parts. at least if you don’t get it fixed, you might learn something about CD-Rom drives. just take your time working on it and see if it’s something obvious.

In the event that you should need to replace the drive, just get a 52x liteon cd-rom from it is a good drive at a low price.

hope you learn something about drives, and hope that you are able to get it working again.

good luck!

Thanks for the reply! I’ll try again, but if it is circuitry problem maybe i will tell my friend to replace it.