Fixing boot records

i have windows xp and redhat 9.0 installed on my computer. however, to boot to redhat, i use a floppy. i want to fix this, so that redhat will be the only one that is considered for booting - so i can use the floppy to remove windows from my computer.

i am unsure if i need to use a boot loader for this, and im afraid to guess, as losing my data == the sucks. if i do need a boot loader, the further problem of having no idea how to setup a lilo.conf file arises. any help appreciated. i can post my /etc/fstab if that will help anyone with setting up the lilo.conf file.

thanks in advance for any help :smiley:

This might help.:slight_smile:

found that earlier myself ;), was hoping for easier solution. maybe ill sort through it tomorrow. thanks for link.