Fixing a LITEOn LVW 5001

i’m trying to fix my liteon 5001.
It has a serious problem during recording: it stops before disc is full (even at half of the entire disc duration) and i get a “write fail” error.
I tried the last firmware and the same firmware version hacked to rremove macrovision protection and the problem still occurs.
Do you think it’s a cooling problem ?
Do you think it’s a good idea to replace the internal drive unit? Which model ?

It could be simply a matter of the recording media being no good.

Or you could have a bad unit. Have you exchanged it? How long have you had it?

i bought it on 4 april 2004
i tried different media

Could be a problem with the drive itself - a write fail can be caused by fingerprints on the disk surface or dust or if ti happens at the same point evey time (on the same recording length like at 3hrs on the 6hr mode) then the drive mechanics - does it playback any disks audio cd’s ( all the way) DVD’s (to the end) best drive to use is any from the NEC family or those labled Freecom but are NEC units, the only problem is the drives firmware which will have to be updated using the PC, make sure the drive is set to Master or else the unit will fail to find the drive

hope this helps