Fixed File Size doesn't seem to work?



I am using DVDFab Platinum to convert standard DVD to mpeg4 + mp3 in 640 x 480 using the DVD to Mobile PVP tool.

I tried to use the “fixed file size” option and I set it to 600mb. Upon completion I got a 1.9GB file. Seems like the file size should be around 600mb. I tried it twice because I thought I must have forgot and left it set to “fixed bit rate”, but no, after I made sure I had it set to fixed file size 600mb I still got a 1.9GB file.

I was using the DVD “300” and I am using the HP iPAQ 211. The file plays beautifully on my iPAQ using TCPMP, but I was hoping for smaller file sizes. I have an 8GB SD card I am using. I was hoping for file sizes less than 1GB.

Any suggestions?