[FIXED] BUG: nonofficial official bug report thread



we are going to need one eventually, and i browsed the whole forum without doing anything. here’s my contribution for the day :smiley:


The mailinglist doesn’t work… Otherwise it seems this thread won’t be very long :slight_smile:


Not a bug , but :
The link (toplinks section on the main page) to cdrsoft.net points to http://main.cdfreaks.com/www.cdrsoft.net

Another little thing : there’s a reaction to the news (made by MP|3) in which a smiley appears in the text “last edited at xx:xx”.
This kind of text shouldn’t be replaced with smileys.


This bug was already in the old layout… didn’t someone promise to fix it? :bigsmile:


In the software section, using the print icon produces this:

Warning: Invalid URL specified, http:.php in /home/cdf2005/main/print.php on line 19


-Mailing list problem has been fixed by MP|3 (Robin).
-Fixed top link to CDRSoft.net (was missing a ‘/’ in ‘http://’ ;)). Thanks for the info!
-Edited at produces a smiley? Hmm that should be fixed indeed.
-We are aware of the print bug. The printing works but the screen doesn’t right? It’s on the todo list!

Thanks for the input guys! We are aware that there are still some bugs in the new lay-out but we need your help to identify them. I hope that we can fix all of them soon (I’m not the technical person who knows how to do this ;)).


The printing works but the screen doesn’t right? It’s on the todo list!

No, it didn’t print either, but in some areas it does work.


Fixed the smiley thing.
:4 :7 and :8 are changed to :B :X and :S so that there will be no problems anymore.

Also here the printing option on the software section works fine…?

Please report back when you are still having problems.