Fixed bitrate or fixed filesize?



When fixed bitrate is selected, is that CBR then? If so, is fixed filesize VBR? Does the menu box in fixed filesize show total filesize with audio, or is it excluding audio in that estimate? Iv’e done a lot of messing around with the fixed bitrate etc, but not anything with fixed filesize.



I just finished copying 1 cd of family guy to iphone format(M4V). I selected 60mb filesize and 96kbps audio. Now all 7 episodes are roughly 22.5 minutes long(±35 sec). Yet I went from around 80mb to 125mb depending on the episode. I’m sure that not each episode will come out at the same mb, but i would think it would be close. Do I need to highlight all tracks at the final screen before I copy to ensure they are all at the same preset profile? I only had 1 highlighted, but all seven were loaded on the screen to be copied.

Also, what does the quotations(mini cloud) and little avatar of fim mean at the end of each title on the last screen before you hit copy? I noticed I only had 1-2 that showed the little cloud. I put my cursor over them and nothing happens. i thought it might give a tid bit of info while cursor is over it. I can’t click on it either.

Iv’e read the guide and looked again, but have not found anything in it.


I never use fixed file size. The little logos show what you have selected for processing for each title: the film means video, the music note means sound, the cloud thing means subtitles. It should not have processed a title (or put it on the task list) if you didn’t have a checkmark in its box on the first page. You should click on Conversion Settings for each title on the task list to make sure the same screen size and other settings are the same.


So highlighting them together won’t do anything? I noticed when I go by filesize and set it to say 60mb it will show it correlating with the bitrate. But when I exit out of the screen and go back in it will still show 60mb filesize, but the bitrate will have changed from when I originally opened up the screen and set it.


Well, I’ve never tried highlighting them together but I’m pretty sure you would need to do this individually.


Is fixed filesize VBR? I have now lowered fixed filesize down to 35, and I copied to episodes. One came out to 66.9 & other one 69.2mb using 2 pass mode. I used gspot to look at the bitrate which shows around 400kbps, which doesn’t seem correct for the filesize.


I am using Vista Business 32 bit in case that matters.