Fixative Spray causes high PIF errors?



I bought some Fixative spray from SVP a few months ago and i’ve used it on several printed DVD-R disc to prevent greasy finger marks spoiling the prints.
I’ve tried different ways of protecting the underside of the discs but i always seem to get a small amount of spray on the underside outer edge of the disc.
I’ve scanned a few Verbs before and after spraying and the spray is causing high PIF errors towards the end of the scan (PIF errors of approx 30-40). The same disc would have a max PIF error of 2 before spraying.

So can anyone recommend a way of using this spray and avoid getting any on the underside of the disc?


[B]rdgrimes[/B] is the expert in these matters. :wink:

I use the method he explained to me some time ago and I have no problem: find a perfectly flat surface, put a piece of A4 paper on it, put the disc on the paper, spray lightly and evenly, [I]respect the spraying distance[/I], and [I]don’t overdo it[/I]. If you want a better finish, it’s better to wait for the fixative to dry, and put several light layers rather than a single heavy one.

The fixative will cause the problems you mention if you spray too close to the disc, if you’re heavyhanded (too much spray), or if the surface is not perfectly flat.

Good luck :slight_smile:


I use a piece of card stock or poster board. The dye side must be completely protected from under-spray. Your spraying angle must be perpendicular to the disc. Practice, practice, practice. :wink:


Thanks for the replies and advice, I’ve tried placing them on paper and various other methods but i can’t manage to stop it from going on the outer edge of the dye side.
It must be the way i’m spraying them, to be honest i think i’m going to stop using the spray because its obviously not working for me.

Thanks again