Fixation of CD

while burning a cd using nero i get a meaasge “could not perform fixation”. What exactly is fixation ???

Fixation is similar to To finalize, however doesn’t affect the whole CD but only an individual session.

Fixation means that the session currently being written will be closed to be able to be read. To do so Lead-In and Lead-Out data is written. A session is always automatically fixed.

If fixation the CD fails, then it is usually for one of the following reasons:

  1. An area of the CD is being written on which is outside the allowed area. To see if this is the case, please burn a small amount of data.

  2. More frequently the following is the cause: The CD becomes readable on being fixed. Usually 90s leadouts are written even though 10 - 15 s sould be enough. The length of the leadout is however determined by the CD Writer and can’t be influenced. Thus means that after the first 10-15s have been written, then CD is finished and could be used. The Nero driver however doen’t block access to the CD for so long. It generally helps to deactivate the switch off the automatic .

my cd writer (YAMAHA cdrw8824E) can’t burn anymore with any software
nero show the error “could not perform fixation”

can that problem be fixed?

Some CD-RW drives work better if you disable the use of DMA from the control panel.Depending on your computer system the DMA setting may cause unstable performance.

I used to have that fixation problem too with my Yamaha 2100e but after i disabled DMA it worked fine.

Maybe you should try that even if it’s not 100% certain that it will fix your problem.