Fixation Error - Used 2 different burners

I have a CD-R which I recorded several multisession files with no problems using a Liteon CD burner until just recently. I tried to add some more files to the disk, but this time I used my new NEC burner instead of my old Lite-on CD burner. I think this was a big mistake because the NEC DVD burner would not continue with the multi-session left open previously by the LiteOn burner.

Nero shows that there is 1 session left open, yet when I try to burn to the disk, it produces a Fixation Error message. So I tried to burn the files with my Lite-On burner and the same error message comes up.

Since the most recent session was opened using the NEC burner, shoudl I close this session and then open a brand new session with the LiteOn burner? What is the best way to make this CD writable again?

I’m using Nero v5.5.10