FIX VTS Still necessary or not?


If you are using the latest versions of Anydvd/Clone DVD, is it still necessary to run the ripped files through Fix VTS?

I am at present, but wonder if I am just adding an extra step which is not needed.

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Try it without & if it works you are good to go. You will always have it in case you run into problems down the road. Personally I am going to keep on using it.

Hi ,

Thanks for the reply, I will continue to use it, I have done a few DVD’s without it which have been OK which prompted the question,


You are welcome, I am sure others will have their own opinions.

It has never been necessary for me to run any other proggy including FixVTS thought AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, if they run up against a movie it cannot handle they come out with an update within hours, maybe a day or so. No movie is that important that you cant wait a day to rip it. You can always watch your original till their update is compeleted. This is true for all decrypting software including FixVTS that has not been updated for some movies. FIXVTS is not a decrypter anyway, it only makes your files DVD compliant.

I stopped using FixVTS years ago.

If you have AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, then you needn’t use any other program.:slight_smile: