FIX! Nero 7 Ultra slow cd burn and junk audio cd FIx!

Hi all I have been working on this for the past 2 days trying to get this to work properly and thought i would share what worked for me since i found no good answers, but just the same old common replies. My problem was that Nero 7 would take about a hr to burn an audio cd. Than after the cd finished the cd would have tracks and data on it but no sound would come out. Well I updated to the newest version. No luck. Hunted down a MS patch that was suppose to fix the prob. Well that was bs also. Alot of wasted time. See the thing is i have to comps dual amd 2400 mp and an amd 64 2800. They also have identical 16x liteon SOWH-1633s dvd burners. They are also hardware packed. So i couldnt figure it out. Until i tried a quick burn with WMP. Cd burned real quick. Tried another back to the same old problem. Than i noticed what i missed. First time burn with WMP didnt have the stupid cd/dvd high speed burning plugin check. Than somehow it enabled itself on the second cd. So i go to the Product Setup for nero under its start menu foler. Do the modify selection, select Special Features and kill the plugin. Than comes the final test, Cd burn under Nero 7. Than the feeling of sucess!! Back to fast 48X burning. Never though one little filter would cause so much hassle. I also had a few friends that were having the same problem try it. Iam at a 12 of 12. Hope this works for all. Sorry for the detail sucess just feels good. Any questions or further help just ask!

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If this works for anyone else plz leave a reply. It seems there are alot of ppl with this problem on this forum.