[FIX] Multisession issue with Nero Linux 4

Dear all,

Many of you experiences issues with Nero Linux 4 when continuing a multisession disc. Apparently, Nero Linux 4 is looking for some shared libs in the wrong folder, so, of course it is NEVER possible to continue a multisession disc.

This issue will of course be fixed in the next release (don’t ask for a date :p), but you can use the following trick to make it work for now. As root,

[li] - Go in /usr/lib/nero (/usr/lib64/nero for the 64-bit version)
[/li][li] - Once you are there, copy the files libISOFS.so and libUDFImporter.so to the /usr/lib (/usr/lib64 for the 64-bit version).
This should let you use the multisession features of Nero Linux 4.
Also remember to manually delete these 2 files before you uninstall or upgrade the nero linux package.

Temp solution works like a charm! THANKS!