Fix MP3 length header


I have many mp3s that report incorrect lengths. If I do a re-encode with lame, it’s fixed but that takes a lot of time, then I need to add the tags again.

Is there a program that I can point at a directory of MP3s and it will fix the length header? I’ve tried VBRFIX, it didn’t work.

I do have the time they SHOULD be in milliseconds (ie 247915 -> 4:08), so if there is an application that can let me MANUALLY set the length, that would be ok too.

I need it in the form of:
command line (so I can make a script to do them as a batch)
GUI with batch processing

I would prefer a Linux tool, but Windows would be ok.


I usually convert all VBR’s to a constant bit rate so players don’t get confused about the track length and such when I’m fast forwarding and rewinding through them.

I use dBPowerAMP, and when I do the conversion, if I want to retain the tag information in the file, I select the “PRESERVE ID TAGS” checkbox.

Good stuff.