Fix menus on DVD recorder disc

I’ve had an issue with the dvd’s I’ve been burning off my DVD recorder, they won’t play in WMplayer or PowerDVD, they will play in Intervideo WinDVD but it won’t display the menu.
What I would like is a (free) software with which I can take the video off my DVDs and place it on a new DVD with new menus. I figure that should take care of the compatabillity issues. I’m hoping to do this without de/re-encoding, but if I must then I must.

Thanks everyone (I love this place)

Try Titlewriter.

But are you sure your DVDs won’t play properly? Most oftware players (especially WMP) are total shite.


They do play fine in the DVD player, but I’m just thinking about those who use their computers to watch DVDs. Situation is we’re a church and we’re making DVDs of a conference we held.

I’ll look at Titlewriter though, Thanks