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Anybody know if this software is any good?
Particularlly the anti-virus. I really didn’t pay much atention to it (saw it on sale a few times). It’s on sale cheap and I saw that it had an antivirus so I decided to check it out. Turns out it used to be a pretty good program offered by ontrack (used thier recovery software and some older tools and was very happy with them). It has been sold off or whatever to vcom. So in the previous version thier was some mention of trend micro having something to do with thier antivirus. So I email them and they say reguarding thiers and trend micros virus scanner pro
Yes they are very similar as we get a custom scan engine from Trend Micro”
When my system got screwed up bad on some nasty trojans that walked right past norton, trend micros pccillin is what found and cleaned it up. They are also gettting pretty good reviews latlly.
So its based on good software (new version by vcom I assume), but they could have improved it or really screwed it up.
Any thoughts or opinions from anybody before I disable norton anti-virus and try this (along with the utiities that come with it)???

Yo ripper-

The Trend Micro AV program is one of the best out there-

I always double check my Panda Titanium with Trend Micros “Housecall” about once a week - it is free and can be gotten at:

I have had nothing but bad luck with anything Norton (btw - get the Norton “cleaner” to take all traces of their $hit outta your computer when you do do it)-

Good luck Bra-


I have used trend micros software and know it’s good. The burn engine was written by trend micro so it’s should be good, but the virus definitions, upkeek etc. I am guessing is done by vcom and that makes a diffrence. Same goes for the rest of the utilities (and it seems to have some very good ones). I’m just curious if anyone had tried it (or any of it variants, like norton etc. thier are diffrent nd lots of info on ver. 5 but I think it was still owned by ontrack back then. They did get some bad reviews, but only for not updating the software for a few years. Even those reviewers said it was a great program for it’s time.

Their ‘complete’ Utilities program is called SystemSuite 5. It also includes the Trend Micro AV…much more stable and useful than the bloated mess Norton has become, also doesn’t try and default to installing a ton of memory-resident utilities that virtually hijack your computer like Norton wants to do. Been using it for years. Highly recommended.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try. For anyone interested, best buy has it for 20$ with a 20$ rebate so free. Its the new version 6 (thiers a system suite 6 out too). You can upgrade to the full system suite for an aditional 20$ if you want (on their web site).


For the same price: $49.99 you can get an outstanding program called:

Trend Microâ„¢ PC-cillinâ„¢ Internet Security 2005

It offers:

         Virus Defense 

         Personal Firewall 

         Spyware and Privacy Protection 

         Enhanced Spam Filtering

and more.

You can check it out here: