Fix it or trash them and buy new

Ok, this Sony DVD writer issue is driving me insane. :a It is the DW-22A model. The unit is less than two years old. I tried following some tips by updating the firmware, seven hours later and no change…it said still programming. I have reformatted my hard drive already. And my HP DVD Writer 640c will write a DVD but it is having issues because my computer says there is no lightscribe drive to be found and I have updated the firmware on that as well. This unit is less than one year old. Both of these will play DVDs as well. It is like they are both half working. When I put my mouse over the icon in both of them in the My Computer view they both say CD Drive over on the left margin but the icons both show that they are DVD writers. For these to be working fine one day and not the next makes me want to… :Z

Are these problems caused by Windows SP2? Should I just take both of these drives out to the gun range and olbiterate them and buy new ones or what?

Are there new drives out there that perhaps are not so prone to this kind of an issue with Windows? Somone suggest a good drive to me if so.

Lets start with basics… did you check to make sure DMA status is on each?